Subscriber Rank

5.00 GBP

Gain the Subscriber rank

You can buy this rank in two ways:
Add to Basket: One-off payment today and get this rank for 1 month.
Subscribe: Sign up to pay for this rank every month and keep it until you unsubscribe.

You will get:

A star (✦) next to your name in the tab list 

/star [colour code] - Change the colour of your tab list star

/tprefix - Choose which of your Town and/or Nation chat tags show and set a colour for them

/sc - Type in the subscriber-only in-game chat

/lore - Set names and lore of items

The ability to use Hex Colour Codes in /lore

The ability to use Special Characters in chat

The Subscriber role in Discord

A Regenold icon next to your name in our discord server

The ability to make suggestions for additional perks and/or changes for this rank

You can purchase this rank as a one-off payment for any number of months by contacting me at Heliosares#1020 on Discord and I'll be happy to arrange it for you!