20.00 GBP

Please read before purchasing!

You can purchase a Wish, which means you can make one personalised request of me as the server owner that can be anything reasonable and within my power.

Some examples could include:

  • A WorldEdit task that doesn't include the creation of new materials, such as moving a building elsewhere
  • A custom brewery recipe created with an effect, name and lore of your choice
  • Have a custom unkillable NPC created that can have custom text in chat when someone walks close to it
  • Floating text created somewhere, like the ones in /spawn

You can request a minor change to something about your Wish at a later date, such as the location of floating text you've asked for or what it says.

Please take care to discuss with me either in-game or on Discord (Heliosares#1020) before purchasing a Wish so you know whether or not I will agree to it before you purchase it, bearing in mind it will need to be EULA compliant. If a Wish is purchased and I don't agree with what you ask for, you will be told you can Wish for something else but you won't be given a refund.