Saint Rank

80.00 GBP

Gain the Saint Rank

You will get:

The [Saint] prefix
The Saint colour in tablist
The Saint role in Discord

Always be able to join a server, even if it's full. (/server)

To use colour codes in chat, /msg and signs (use /colours in-game)
+ bold, italic and underline codes
+ custom hex code colours
+ magic code

/nick - Set a nickname
+ coloured nicknames
+ bold, italic and underlined nicknames
+ custom hex code coloured nicknames
+ magic code nicknames

To choose the colour of your nametag and name in the Tab List
Use "/tab [colour code]"

To choose any combination of colours for your Saint prefix
Use "/prefix donor [colour code 1] [colour code 2] [colour code 3] [colour code 4] [colour code 5]"

/particles - Access to all particle effects
+ all particle styles
+ save groups of particle effects

/lore - Set names and lore of items

/book - Edit a signed book

/me - Express yourself in chat in a special format

/ptime [day/night/etc] - Set the player's time. (Does not affect game-mechanics)

/pweather [sun/storm] - Set the player's weather.

Access to Emotes:
- /poke [player]
- /shake [player]
- /bonk [player]
- /yeet [player]
- /bite [player]
- /pat [player]
- /slap [player]
- /cap [player]
- /stab [player]

Access to Pets: Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Rabbit, Squid, Zombie and Skeleton!
+ Enderman, Llama, Bat, Snowman, Silverfish, Horse, Slime, Polar Bear and Panda!
+ Wolf, Cat, Villager, Endermite, Creeper, Blaze, Spider, Parrot and Iron Golem!